The Firsts

As a new dad, I knew that I would be seeing my fair share of firsts when it came to Sophia. The obvious ones like first words, first steps and first day of school are still a ways away, or so I think (I’m sure they’ll get here faster than I think, just like the other firsts). I’m not talking just about the first time my daughter does certain things, I’m including my firsts as a parent, as well. All those fun things, like first time changing the nastiest poopy diaper of all time. The first time we had to scrub her clothes down, and of course hose her down, after one of her massive poopsplosians shot up her back and through her onesie. In Sophia’s first three-plus months since being born, Sarah and I have seen so many things that have left us in awe, it absolutely amazes me.

What really prompted this post was the big week of firsts we just completed. Sunday was Sophia’s christening, which is a huge moment for us as parents. Somehow, and I have no idea how this happened, Sophia made it through the entire almost 45 minute service without crying, screaming or trying to kick her way out of anyone’s arms. I seriously have NO idea how that is even possible, call us lucky I guess. That night, it was pretty obvious that Sophia was in need of bath, especially after having some oils placed on her during the service, as well as the combination of perfumes and cologne of everyone who had held her all day. While we were giving her the bath, for the first time, Sophia belted out with the happiest belly laugh we had heard. I mean, she had laughed a tiny bit before, but not like this. This was her recognizing something was funny and busting out laughing. Both mine and Sarah’s jaws dropped. Here is the video of the tail end of her laughing.

The third and final first of the week was Sophia finally rolling from her back onto her belly. All week it seemed like she was a nanosecond away from finally making it all the way to her belly. She would roll onto her side and try as hard as she could, but just couldn’t seem to get over the final hurdle until late Wednesday right before Sarah was putting her to bed. I was sitting on the couch watching the Phillies game when I hear Sarah yell for me “Nick, GET UP HERE! SHE JUST ROLLED OVER!!!!” So, of course I continued watching the game… I KID! I literally shot off the couch, sprinted up the stairs, practically falling at least 76 times before I ran in the nursery out of breath and sweating (OK, so I wasn’t sweating), to see my daughter laying face down on the crib mattress, trying to flip herself back over. Now that part, is an entirely other story, but she finally cleared the last hurdle and managed to flip herself over for the first time. All week I had been watching her and waiting, with the video on my phone on constantly waiting for her to roll over. Of course she did it when I wasn’t looking and Sarah didn’t have her phone. Thankfully, I was able to get a video of her second roll over, albeit the tail-end but I got it nonetheless!

So that was this crazy, awesome amazing week of firsts. And my sister will kill me if I don’t mention that Sophia will finally be meeting her Aunt Emily and soon to be Uncle Bob for the first time tomorrow when they fly in from Orlando.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t fill you in about all the other firsts that we have come across since February, including my day of shooting liquids… I don’t recall the exact dates of these events, but I can tell you, what happened is permanently burned into my mind. In Sophia’s first month being home, diaper changing and feedings were a bit of a challenge. The toughest part was knowing when she was actually finished going to the bathroom so we could change her diapers without fear of repercussions. What I’m about to share all happened in one day, one of the messiest days to date. Sophia had just pooped and her diaper was of course disgusting (which I somehow have grown accustomed to at this point), and it was my turn on diaper duty. Actually, it seems like it’s ALWAYS my turn on diaper duty, but that’s a story and an argument with Sarah for a different day. I un-snap Sophia’s onesie, and undo her diaper. I grab some wipes to start cleaning her up and just as I go to clean her baby butt, what should come shooting at me? You have two guesses, and if you guessed pee, well let’s just say you don’t win the bet. Little liquid baby poop comes shooting towards me and I was horrified! Of course I screamed like a girl, let of her legs and jumped back to avoid the “brownout”. Thankfully, she managed only to poop all over the changing table mat and I was able to escape the wrath of my daughter’s poop.

That same night after I had finished feeding her, it was time for her to be burped. So, as usual I have a burp cloth on my shoulder and am patting Sophia’s back awaiting her burp. She let out a nice loud belch that would make any trucker proud. So, I removed the cloth from my shoulder and went to adjust her position. As I’m doing that, she decides now is a great time to spit up all over Daddy’s shirt! It’s not like I wasn’t used to getting spit up on that point, because it had happened plenty of times already. What I wasn’t ready for was what happened next. Sarah was throwing a load of laundry in the washer, so I handed Sophia to Mom and took the dirty shirt off and tossed it in with the laundry. Unfortunately I didn’t have a clean shirt in the laundry room, so I took Sophia back from Sarah to head upstairs to lay her down and get a clean shirt. As I take her back in my arms, ROUND 2!! Spit up straight down my shirtless upper body… Yeah… that was awesome…

Those are just some of the firsts we have experienced to date, not including the diaper changing adventures with her Aunt Lindsey that somehow always seem to include pee getting everywhere, floor included and poop going all the way up Sophia’s back, ruining half of her onesies! But, those are stories for a different day!

One thought on “The Firsts

  1. Not fair to call me out on the diaper changing! You are home during the day with her silly so by default you will have more changes…. Oh and to set records straight the time you jumped up and screamed like a girl during that change was soon after we got home from the hospital and I was still recovering from my c-section :-p

    And yes, you did fall up the stairs when she rolled over.

    Love ya Papa Browne!


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