A Letter from Mommy & Daddy for Your 1st Birthday, Sophia

Sophia's first birthday

Happy birthday, Boo Boo

Dear Sophia,

What an amazing first year you have had! From your unexpected early arrival, to the many, many, many, MANY sleepless nights, to your many firsts we witnessed. You changed our lives from the moment we found out Mommy was pregnant.

Tears of joy streamed down our faces when you were born. Seeing you for the first time was the most incredible feeling we have ever felt in our lives. You showed us a new level of love that we didn’t know was possible. To say you are the best thing that has ever happened to us, is an understatement.

Watching you grow, seeing your larger than life personality develop, and seeing the wonderment in your eyes as you learned new things has been something that we will never, ever forget (well, maybe when you’re a raging teenager… ). We knew you were going to be something special, but we had no idea just how special you would be. You truly have taken the best pieces from both of us and made them your own.

We never knew the joy and excitement we would have seeing you roll over on your own for the first time, or watching you pull yourself to a stand, learn how to crawl, and of course, taking your first step on Christmas Day. Sophia, you have transformed the tiniest moments into the biggest deal in our lives. Words really can’t describe the impact you’ve had on our lives, Boo Boo.

With one year in the books and tons of memories still to come (no more pooping on Daddy’s lap, please), we want to say Happy First Birthday to the best daughter we could have ever dreamed of having! We love you more than anything, Sophia!!!!


Mommy and Daddy

Since I haven’t posted a blog in a few months, here are a few videos of Sophia. Her first steps, some others of her walking, and her random hilarious nonsense! Enjoy!

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