Let me take you back, boys and girls, to a time not that long ago, a time before the words “Daddy” and “Nick” were interchangeable. A time when I fully expected to hear the phrase “you’re having a boy”. Like most guys who find out they’re about to become the father of a

Sophia and Daddy!

girl, I had the same reaction… “Oh, grrrreat. Someone buy me a shotgun so I can prepare myself to scare the boys off when she gets older.” So, yes, I had the typical reaction. Fast-forward to 13-plus months of having a daughter and, yes, I’m still fairly certain that I’m going to be scaring boys off in the not too distant future. But, I’m also pretty positive that based on recent events, Sophia is gonna be able to hold her own when it comes to boys.

It would appear as though Sophia has developed quite the penchant for making little boys cry. Being the protective dad that I am, I fully hope and pray (OH how I PRAY) that this habit of hers will only continue as she gets older. Now, I’m not saying I want her to be a bully or beat up on other kids, but you can’t help but feel a little proud knowing your little girl can handle herself. And, YES, I realize she’s only a year old, but that is besides the point! All that being said, let’s move on to why you’re all here, (NO, not asking yourself when I’m gonna shut up) the stories of Sophia making all the boys cry and her dad smile just a little bit!

The first time Sophia made a boy cry, that we witnessed, (it’s totally possible she had

Sophia and Bryson bobsledding at Molly's baby shower

done it daycare) was the week after Christmas. Out to dinner for a reunion with a big group of our college friends and the next generation of “Millersville Bobsledders”, Sophia made our friend Zach and Jen’s son, Bryson cry. I didn’t see exactly what happened, but Zach’s explanation to me seems to sum it pretty well…

Me: “Dude, what just happened, why is B crying?”

Zach: “Hahaha… Bryson tried to cop a feel on Sophia and she slapped him and he started crying!”

Now, THAT’S my girl! Yeah, I’m sure B didn’t actually cop a feel or have any idea what that even is, but the fact that it happened is funny enough to make me laugh!

The two other instances of my little heartbreaker making the lil’ fellas cry happened in short order at a baby shower for the soon-to-arrive “Baby Schlap” to our friends Christian and Molly. While I had Sophia in my arms as she drank from her sippy cup, our friend’s Leah and Loren’s 17-month-old son, Landon, was standing down in front of us. He and Sophia had been playing and running around not long before this happened. Out of nowhere, Sophia either dropped and, more likely, threw her cup right at Landon’s head, hitting him square on the forehead, inciting a loud cry of pain.

To be honest, I felt so terrible as Leah raced over to check on Landon. I don’t want Sophia to be a bully, I really don’t. But, I have to admit that a little part of me did chuckle when it happened. Something about baby-on-baby violence is funny to me… why? I have no idea!

Later at that same shower, Sophia was walking over to play with Bryson on the floor and fell. Fell right on top of him, making him cry. Who can blame him, though? Someone falls on me, it’s gonna hurt and I’m gonna cry (Or at least writhe in pain for a while)!

I can only hope that Sophia doesn’t turn into a bully as she gets older, but I will always hold out hope that as she grows and moves into her teen years that she’ll have no problems making boys cry and standing up for herself. It’s what I’d guess most fathers with daughters hope for their little girls.

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As always, I’ll leave you with a couple new videos you most likely haven’t seen.

3 thoughts on “Heartbreaker

  1. Zach Snyder says:

    bryson says he wasn’t crying…he had something in his eyes…yes both eyes…and yes during both incidents…weird i know


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