A Daddy’s Poem

The birthday surprise poem

I wanted to do something special, something that nobody else could do, for Sophia’s first birthday. I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a poet (go ahead and laugh if you must), and thought one of the best things I could do would be to write Sophia a poem, from me, for her birthday. Yes, I know I wrote a letter from myself and Sarah, already, but this was a surprise from me that nobody, not even Sarah, knew was coming. You can see over there to the right, or above, wherever the picture loaded, what the final, framed piece looks like. I wanted to share it with all of you. Sophia owns my heart like no one else ever has and I wanted to share, what I think, is the greatest piece of writing I could ever pen. Enjoy!

“A Poem From Daddy”

Mommy’s laugh, Daddy’s smile

Full of life, full of wonder

Always learning, always growing

Continually curious, continually amazed

Endless joy, endless love

The best of us, we see in you

Life’s best treasure, you have our hearts

Our two hearts, you now own

2 thoughts on “A Daddy’s Poem

    • Thanks so much! The more and more I thought about what would be a great thing to do for her first birthday, the more writing a poem for her stuck in my mind!


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