Ex-Shoes Me?

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”                 — Marilyn Monroe

There’s just something about females and shoes that go hand-in-hand. Women, young or old, love shoes. I don’t know how to state it any more clearly than that. Yes, I’m sure that some women will say they don’t loveshoes, and that may be true, but that is more than likely a smaller percentage of the female population. Ladies, please don’t call me out on this and tell me I’m wrong. I’m not. Anyway, what’s the point of all of this? Ah, yes, the point.

Perhaps it hadn’t quite dawned on me just yet, or I’m in denial, but I didn’t think Sophia would become interested in shoes, just yet. Maybe wait until she’s, oh I don’t know, 10 or older. But, nope! My little lady has developed quite the shoe obsession, already…

Sophia loves her some shoes!

“Shoes” has become on of Sophia’s favorite words. And I don’t just mean, she says the word in name only. No, this girl knows what they are, where they are, where they should be, and which one matches which one. And, if those shoes are just laying all alone, sad and unoccupied, well, she thinks they need to go on someone’s feet. My shoes, Sarah’s shoes, her shoes, they all need to go on, usually, her feet.

“DaDa, SHOES!” she says as she points to my bare feet, her arms heavy from holding my sneakers. So, she lifts my feet, one by one, and attempts to put my shoes onto my feet. And should I even try to reject the notion that the shoes belong on my feet, well, she lets me know that these shoes need to be on my feet and NOW.

I can’t even begin to count how many times she’s bring a different pair of her shoes to me, for me to put on her feet, even when she’s already wearing shoes. I’ve spent a good hour or two switching pairs of shoes on her feet, until she was happy. Or, ya know, until she wants the pair that were on 15 pairs ago, back on her feet,

Am I complaining? No, not in the least. It’s just funny to see her already loving shoes. And, as you can see in the photographic and videographic evidence here, she quite enjoys wearing both mine and Sarah’s shoes. I have to say, watching her parade, or should I say shuffle around in one of our pairs of shoes is hilarious.

Even when it’s bed time, Sophia’s gotta have her shoes on!

Even when it comes time for bed, Sophia has to have shoes on her feet. And, heaven forbid we take those shoes off when we lay her down to sleep. Don’t.Ever.Make.That.Mistake.EVER.

So, the girl loves her shoes. Looks like I know where all of my money will be going until the day she can support herself (or forever, either one). SHOES.

Am I the only dad to notice his young daughter already loves shoes?? I can’t be. Please, tell me I’m not alone, in the comments!

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