Do You Wanna Play Repeat? No, Do YOU Wanna Play Repeat…?

What’ did you just say? Oh, well let me repeat that…

There comes a point in time when you have kids that you realize it’s time for you to really watch what you say. That point is NOW. When they say that kids are like a sponge and they soak up everything you say or do, they are correct (whoever “they” are, anyway). Having to watch what I say probably isn’t going to be an easy thing for me to do. I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t have a potty mouth. I do. Do I like the fact that I do? No, of course not. It’s a habit I’ve been trying to kick for a long time. 

I realize that it is something I HAVE to change. For Sophia’s sake. The last thing I want to do is have her running around cursing up a storm. Not only would that reflect badly on her, but it would make me look like a terrible parent. And, nobody wants to get that label. So, this is just one another area in my life that I need to evolve in.

Just because I need to change how I talk and the things I say doesn’t mean that I can’t make it fun for myself. We’ve all seen those awful, edited-for-TV movies that replace a swear word with something so ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh at its absurdity. Well, that’s now my goal for myself. Come up with absolutely absurd words to replace the bad ones I use. I’ll start with something like “You son of a Hop-scotcher!”, or maybe “Mother-Hippo!”. Things along those lines.

Someone enjoys trying to smother Daddy.

Someone enjoys trying to smother Daddy.

Outside of trying to tone down my salty language, seeing Sophia repeat almost all the things that both myself and Sarah say is pretty awesome. It feels like her vocabulary has grown exponentially in just the last two months. I know they say that’s usually how it happens, but it’s pretty remarkable to watch happen with your own kid.

If anyone has any suggestions for toning down my language, or some hilariously absurd word replacements, please share.

7 thoughts on “Do You Wanna Play Repeat? No, Do YOU Wanna Play Repeat…?

  1. I recently retold a story about how someone went “ape-poop” lol. It’s so true that kids pick up our language. I’ve definitely had to watch not just curse words but even habits and phrases I’d rather my kid not pick up!


    • Ah yes “ape-poop”, a phrase I have used on many an occasion. I’m sure the times I’ve said that, as well as my other replacement phrases have garnered some funny looks from strangers passing by, which kind of makes using crazy-sounding replacement words a little fun. Try to see the craziest look you can get from a non-parent. I’ve even found myself using replacement words and phrases when Sophia isn’t around!


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