It’s a Girl… AGAIN!

Sophia will soon have a little sister!

Sophia will soon have a little sister!

There comes a time in a father-to-be’s life where he has to face facts, and understand that making remarks stating “I don’t make girls” is never a good idea. Because the time will comes when your pregnant wife will get her ultrasound to find out what the gender of baby number two is, and deep down, you know, it’s going to be a girl, again. That being said, yesterday we had the ultrasound to reveal the gender of Baby Browne #2 and–you guessed it–it’s a girl!

I do have a confession to make. I was hoping for a boy this time around. I was hoping to have one boy and one girl and that would be that. But, God has a way of making you pay for your words and this was his way. I am destined to have a family of nothing but daughters. I’m alright with that. The way I look at it, is now I won’t have to teach a son how to fix things, or tie a tie, or any of the things that fathers are supposed to pass down to a son. And I’m kind of happy about that since I don’t know how to do most of those things. Mr. Fix-It, I am not.

As someone who grew up with two sisters, in addition to my brother, I know what I am in for when the teenage years come around for my two little ladies. So, needless to say, I think Sarah and I are going to be looking for somewhere to lay low for a few years… In all seriousness, I am very excited about what little girl number two is going to bring to our lives. If she is anything like Sophia, I’ll be one happy man. Plus, I know how close two sisters can be, judging from how close my sisters are, as well as how close Sarah and her sister are.

We think we have a name picked out, but we haven’t shared the name with anyone yet. Once we do announce it to family, I’ll be sure to post it on here, or I’ll decide to leave you all in suspense. Depends on how I feel!

One last thing. The original title of this post is what my family will be known as from here on out: Nick and His Merry Band of Women.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Girl… AGAIN!

  1. Congrats! I have a band of men in my family (three boys!) so I get the feeling of being outnumbered 🙂 Wishing you guys well during the pregnancy!


    • Hey, thanks Nina! I can only imagine how my days of being outnumbered three to one are going to be! I hope all is going well with the twins! I just read your post about your first’s reaction to having the babies in the house and am already worried about how that part is going to be for us, too!


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