Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming…

Waiting patiently for the pool.

Waiting patiently for the pool.

As parents, you usually want to get your kids involved of some sort of activities. When I was a kid, my parents set me up with the usual suspects: soccer, baseball, basketball, cub scouts, and countless others, I’m sure. Which ones stick is an entirely different question. Figuring out which activities you want to try with your kid(s) can be a challenge. We recently decided to get Sophia started on her first–of what I’m sure will be many–activities. Swimming!

She loves the water

She loves the water

We weren’t sure how she would like it. Most times we had taken her into a pool, she seemed very reluctant to be there. I was pretty nervous to get her into the pool, but you can’t be scared by everything you want your child to try. Otherwise, they’d live a very sheltered life. So, we started what I thought were “Mommy and Me” swimming classes. Mommy and Me they were not. It was Daddy and Me. I’ve gotta say, I wasn’t sure how I felt about being the parent in the pool with Sophia, but after the first class, I was hooked.

She seemed like a natural. Now, after two sets of classes completed, it’s pretty safe to say that she loves the water! Jumping into the deep end, jumping in the shallow end and letting her head go under the water, and of course splashing everyone and anything around were clearly her favorite parts.

I’m not gonna lie and say she was perfect, because she wasn’t. There were times she just refused to do what the class was doing, got scared of the lap lines at the bottom of the pool, didn’t feel like kicking, or paddling her arms, but really all of that doesn’t matter. She’s two! Granted it got frustrating at times for me, but hey, she’s a kid, what else should I expect? The point of the class wasn’t to turn her into a world-class swimmer. It was to get her acclimated to the water and swimming in general. I’d say that was an unparalleled success! Every day, at least once, I hear her say to me “going swimming Daddy?”

When can we do that again??

When can we do that again??

So, now that we’ve gotten her into activity, it’s time to start thinking about the next adventure. Sarah wants to start her on gymnastics, but I’m not so sure I want her learning how to do flips and such… don’t need her trying flips off the stairs and the furniture, now do we? Ah, who am I kidding, it’s gonna happen with OR without gymnastics classes!

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