Bed Rest? More Like BORED Rest!

When it comes to pregnancy, you generally tend to expect the unexpected and really prepare yourself for anything. Things can look great one week, only to take a turn the next. Why this happens, I’ll never know. It’s just the way the body works, I suppose. I’ll never understand it, and I’m quite certain I’ll never experience it with my own body. I’m also fairly certain that I’d be a gigantic baby if I were pregnant. I give an amazing amount of respect and admiration to women for going through it.

We had our second hiccup of Sarah’s pregnancy last week. At her regular check-up for 35 weeks, her blood pressure was elevated and her feet were swelling. For those of you who don’t know, we had Sophia 10 days early when Sarah’s blood pressure went up and it looked like preeclampsia was setting in. Obviously, this was a worry for this pregnancy. So, after being monitored at the doctor’s office for about an hour, we checked Sarah into the maternity ward at the hospital to continue to be monitored. What they found was that her potassium levels were critically low and they needed to do an IV to get the levels up to snuff. So, a one night stay in the hospital was on the books and then when she was released she was given two words you would think would be nice… BED REST.

No more working, no more cooking, no more cleaning, no more playing with Sophia. No more anything but taking it easy on the couch or in bed. Sounds like a vacation, right? Yeah, that lasted less than a day. Sarah was already going stir crazy before Friday night had even come and gone, and she had only been home since 3 pm!

Needless to say, being on bed rest from now until we have the baby isn’t ideal. We had plans, things to do, people to see, a house to clean, and finish getting set up for the baby’s arrival. While Sarah’s weekend was spent going stir crazy and having me calmly yell at her to “lay back down and stop doing things!”, I spent it keeping Sophia occupied, cleaning, cooking, and everything in-between. Thankfully, we have family close that were around to help us out. For that, I’m incredibly grateful. I know one thing, I sure as hell appreciate everything Sarah does even more now than I did before. being a one-man-band at home is exhausting and I’ll be happy when my partner-in-crime is back on her feet in a month or two.

As things stand now, we don’t know when we’ll have the baby. We had a scheduled C-section for the end of August, but that could easily change and move up to any time, really. So, we play the waiting game and hope our little Brownie in the oven will keep cooking and wait a few more weeks to make her debut.

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