Just Between You and Me: #JBFPhilly Sales Are a Parent Must

The JBF Philly sale at the Greater Reading Expo Center

The JBF Philly sale at the Greater Reading Expo Center.

When it comes to buying clothes, toys, supplies, etc. for your kids, frankly the prices can get out of hand. When it comes to clothes, generally speaking your kids will grow out of them so quickly that you rarely really get your moneys worth with them. Then, what do you once they outgrow those clothes? Donate them? Give them to a friend? Luckily, you have another option when it comes to getting all things kids related. The Just Between Friends Children’s and Maternity Consignment Sales Events! Continue reading

Paddlin’ Madeline Home

Say hello to Madeline Rose!

Say hello to Madeline Rose!

I know, I know, I’ve left you all hanging out to dry, wondering when the new member of the Browne clan made her grand entrance into the world. Officially, Madeline Rose Browne was born on August 21, 2013 at 8:09am, weighing in at 6 lbs 10 oz, and measuring 18 inches long.

As you can imagine, things have been a bit hectic around these parts since Maddie arrived. Sleep (what is that, again?!) has been at a minimum for both Sarah and myself. Ok, mostly for Sarah, but I don’t get that much sleep myself, either.

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