Paddlin’ Madeline Home

Say hello to Madeline Rose!

Say hello to Madeline Rose!

I know, I know, I’ve left you all hanging out to dry, wondering when the new member of the Browne clan made her grand entrance into the world. Officially, Madeline Rose Browne was born on August 21, 2013 at 8:09am, weighing in at 6 lbs 10 oz, and measuring 18 inches long.

As you can imagine, things have been a bit hectic around these parts since Maddie arrived. Sleep (what is that, again?!) has been at a minimum for both Sarah and myself. Ok, mostly for Sarah, but I don’t get that much sleep myself, either.

Our first family photo.

Our first family photo.

One of our big worries was how Sophia was going to react to having a baby sister and not getting all the attention that she was used to. Well, most of our worries were put to rest when she walked into the hospital room, downright giddy to meet to Maddie. I can’t tell you how excited she was to be a sister. Honestly, it brought tears to my eyes. It was a beautiful thing and something that I will never forget.

In the time since we brought Maddie home, Sarah has been getting progressively better in her recovery from the C-section. Thankfully, my office has been amazing and accommodating, first with time off, and second by allowing me to work from home for an additional two weeks, so I can help out as much as possible.

Sophia meets Maddie.

Sophia meets Maddie.

That’s pretty much where things are at this point. It’s crazy to think about, but even after only two-and-a-half years with Sophia, you do forget certain things about the infant months. Well, at least I did. We feel so blessed to have our newest addition to our family and are truly looking forward to what the future holds for us now. Not sleep, though, we know  sleep is never going to come for us, again. Ok, well maybe in about 18 years…

More updates to come soon, with many pictures, videos, and anything else I can think of to write about!

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2 thoughts on “Paddlin’ Madeline Home

  1. elaine sharp says:

    How wonderful to be so truly blessed. Your girls are gorgeous. What a precious picture. I’m sure there will many more like this one, but for now it’s the best!


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