I Want to Hear From You!

Sisterly love.

Sisterly love.

One of the coolest things about writing this blog is that I get to share great stories, funny stories, and my experiences as a parent. Hopefully those stories and experiences resonate with all of you. One thing that I don’t get to this point is a ton of interaction with all of you. I want to change that.I want to know what types of stories you want to read about, what types of topics you’d like to read about. Are there things that you, as parents (for those of you that are), are struggling with and want to share or learn more about? I don’t want my blog to just be me talking at you. I want to talk with you.

Let’s be honest, as parents, we don’t know it all. And often times we get things wrong. Kids aren’t easy, as much as some people like to tell you that they are. Learning from other parents is a great way to find out if there are different methods you could be using when it comes to raising kids. I know I’m not perfect, far from it. And I love talking with other parents about their experiences. That’s what I want this blog to be.

We can start by having conversations through the comments section of my posts. You can also contact me using the contact form on my About page. You can also email me at Nick@papabrownie.com. Contact me on my Facebook page. And, you can always catch me on twitter @brownie_22.

So, let me hear from you and let’s get the conversation flowing!

What Do You Think? I Want to Know!

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