Down With The Sickness

You wouldn't look any better after your first go-round with a stomach flu.

You wouldn’t look any better after your first go-round with a stomach flu.

Last Tuesday night wasn’t unlike any other night of the week. I put Sophia to bed, laid with her for about half an hour, and she fell asleep. Later, Sarah and I went to bed. Around 11 or so, I hear Sophia crying in her room, which ins’t out of the ordinary. So, I go in to check on her. What happened, was not pleasant. AT ALL. Continue reading

Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast Episode 5: Life of Dad Special!


Life of Dad Special!

This weekend, Ben and I had the pleasure of having Ryan E.Hamilton, one of the co-founders of It was the first part in what could turn into several episodes where we have one of the members of the Life of Dad crew guest hosting with us.

It was a great chat that listed the entirety of our 45 minute time-slot. We touched on a variety of subjects, most notably, the origins of Life of Dad. How it began, how it has grown, and where it is today, and hopefully what the future holds for it. We also referred to the group of dad bloggers that we are apart of as Dadvengers, and I may have called the founding father of Life of Dad, Tommy Riles, the George Washington of Life of Dad, and demanded that he wear a powdered wig! It was a great conversation. If you are one of the few dads that hasn’t yet discovered Life of Dad, go there now. I said go there. I said now. Do it, dammit!

Go and listen to Episode 5 right now. NOW! And share it with your friends and everyone you know!

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The Resilience of Kids

Surviving and thriving

Surviving and thriving.

I’ve been hesitant to write about this since the day it happened. Partially because I felt like I hadn’t done everything in my power to protect my daughter, and partially because it was horrible day. But here we are. Back in July, I finished helping Sarah pack her car to take Sophia down to the beach for the weekend. She was taking a half day, picking Sophia up from daycare and heading down to Rehoboth to spend the weekend with her sister and her boyfriend. I couldn’t go because I had plans to do a day of brewery tours with my buddies and wouldn’t have been home in time to go with them.

Sophia and I were a little late getting out the door to go to daycare. I needed gas, so that added to the delay. After pulling out of the gas station just down the street from our house, I proceeded down the road like I do every morning. Sitting at a red light, the light turns green and I start to pull into the intersection. That’s when it happened. Continue reading

Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast E4: Technology & Sitcom Dad’s Fight Club

PB logoHave you ever wondered which of your all-time favorite TV sitcom dad’s you could take a in a fight? Or which one’s would totally beat you senseless? Well, you can hear our take on that on Episode 4 of the Poppin’ Bottle Dad-Cast. As of now Danny Tanner from Full House and Phil Dunphy from Modern Family are topping the list. Who would you choose?

As I wrote last week, kids and technology are crazy these days. We talked about kids and technology, as well and where the future is headed.

The holiday’s are fast approaching and with that in mind, we threw out a few family traditions that we had as kids that we’d like to continue on with our own children. What traditions would you want to keep going with your kids?

Go now and check out Episode 4 and let us know what you think in the comments, on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast Ep. 3: Talkin’ Toddler and Babies

Our guest host for episode 3. She was a natural!

Our guest host for episode 3. She was a natural!

Sunday morning we recorded Episode 3 of The Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast. You can listen to it here or you can head on over to, where we are now a part of their podcast network and give it a listen there, as well.

We had a very special guest host this week, as well. Sophia lent us her broadcasting talents for the show and she did a great job. Granted, half the time she was playing games or watching Netflix on my phone, but when she wasn’t she “was making radio with Daddy!”  Continue reading

Technological Toddlers: They Know More Than I Do


Sophia using the iPad while Maddie sleeps.

The rate at which technology is expanding is insane. No sooner do I learn how to use something, it changes. VCRs gave way to DVD players which gave way to Blu-ray players which will give way to God knows what next. Do yourself a favor and look back at the computers you used as a kid and then take a look down at the iPad or laptop or all-in-one or smartphone that you’re reading this post on. Did you ever think for one second that what you’re reading this on right now would be the norm? I know that I didn’t. But technology isn’t going to slow down and we’re going to have to adapt with it. OK, Nick, why are you talking about the ever-evolving nature of technology on your dad blog? Good question. Let’s find out. Continue reading

Episode 2 of the Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast is Live!

Tune in to hear some funny and horrifying stories of Adventures in baby poop and Halloween screams. Also, keep your hands off the baby bumps, weirdos! Listen to episode 2 now!

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