Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast Ep. 3: Talkin’ Toddler and Babies

Our guest host for episode 3. She was a natural!

Our guest host for episode 3. She was a natural!

Sunday morning we recorded Episode 3 of The Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast. You can listen to it here or you can head on over to LifeofDad.com, where we are now a part of their podcast network and give it a listen there, as well.

We had a very special guest host this week, as well. Sophia lent us her broadcasting talents for the show and she did a great job. Granted, half the time she was playing games or watching Netflix on my phone, but when she wasn’t she “was making radio with Daddy!” We discussed an array of topics, including our new involvement with LifeofDad.com, which will not only be including the podcast on their network, but both Ben and I will be blogging for them, as well. I haven’t written my first post over there just yet, but that will coming this week, and you can be sure I’ll share all the linkage here for you to go and check it out.

We also discussed sick babies, first times we dropped our kids off at daycare, and our efforts for raising awareness and funds for men’s health by participating in Movember. You can check out our donation page at Mobro.co/PBDadcast. So go and listen NOW and let us know your thoughts. And share with your friends!!

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