Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast E4: Technology & Sitcom Dad’s Fight Club

PB logoHave you ever wondered which of your all-time favorite TV sitcom dad’s you could take a in a fight? Or which one’s would totally beat you senseless? Well, you can hear our take on that on Episode 4 of the Poppin’ Bottle Dad-Cast. As of now Danny Tanner from Full House and Phil Dunphy from Modern Family are topping the list. Who would you choose?

As I wrote last week, kids and technology are crazy these days. We talked about kids and technology, as well and where the future is headed.

The holiday’s are fast approaching and with that in mind, we threw out a few family traditions that we had as kids that we’d like to continue on with our own children. What traditions would you want to keep going with your kids?

Go now and check out Episode 4 and let us know what you think in the comments, on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

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