How I Duped Mommy into Liking Me

Sarah and I on our first Christmas together in 2001.

Sarah and I on our first Christmas together in 2001.

This year is a benchmark year for Sarah and I. We’ll have our fifth wedding anniversary in May. I know, I know, five years isn’t long in the grand scheme of things, especially when you consider that we’ve been together since November of 2001. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. In light of our coming anniversary and with Valentine’s Day just passed, I figured now would be a great time to share–for you, and for Sophia and Maddie–the story of how I basically duped Sarah into liking me. At the beginning of my sophomore year of college at Millersville, Sarah’s junior year (yes, I went for an “older” woman), I took a job serving for the campus catering department. We catered the fancy events that the university hosted, weddings, parties, all that good stuff. Little did I know when I started that I was going to be the lone guy working with a staff of all female servers. I know, GREAT for me, right?!

Anyway, I worked with Sarah for the first time on probably my second shift there. We had never met before, nor had we even seen each other before. Let’s just say I noticed her as soon as she walked in, or I guess out of the room… Yes, 19-year old me immediately checked Sarah out in our totally flattering penguin suit of a uniform. I don’t think she saw me, though.

We had our first words not-too-long after that in the hallway. She was talking to one of the other servers and said something in the conversation that was factually inaccurate. So, me being the gentleman and scholar (read: smart ass), I nicely corrected her. And by nicely corrected her I mean that I made fun of her for saying something that I thought was hilariously wrong. Her response: “shut the hell up, you don’t even know me!!!” AHHHH it was love at first sight… okay, not really. As we like to tell people, Sarah did NOT like me when we first met.

From that point on, every time we worked together, I made it my job to convince her that her first impression of me was wrong. That I wasn’t just a sarcastic jerk (I’m not that, right, guys??). Eventually, I won her over with my charming personality. Somehow, she’s still here by my side, 13 years later. Clearly, she hasn’t caught on to my long con, just yet.

And that, my friends, is how I duped Sarah/Mommy into liking me, eventually marrying me, and giving birth to our beautiful little girls. It’s crazy to think what could have happened if I had never made that sarcastic comment to her. I love you babe!

What about  you? How did you meet your significant other–good story, bad story, hilarious story? I want to hear them all! Share them in the comments, on Facebook, or on @brownie_22!

8 thoughts on “How I Duped Mommy into Liking Me

    • I wish I could remember!! The best either of us can remember is that she said something about a word starting with a wrong letter or some sort of thing along those lines.


  1. My wife and I met working in a restaurant sort of like you guys. I just happened to walk through the kitchen while she was on the phone clearly agitated at somebody. Long story short, her friend Ann was cancelling their plans to go see Happy Gilmore and I swooped in to take her to that movie my own damned self! 18 years later we’re three kids and two dogs deep into our still pretty great love.


    • Hearing the stories of how people met or how a couple started dating are great. I love the funny ones, but the crazy, you’d never think it would happen ones are just as awesome. And good for you, picking up the slack and taking her to see that classic movie!


  2. My wife and I met on a travel website. (Trip Advisor). We both used to answer peoples questions about Sin City in the forum section. Her because she loved Las Vegas and was a frequent visitor, me because I was a concierge in Las Vegas and was always looking for ways to steer business towards my booth. We worked on a “meet and greet” together and the next thing you know, we’re looking for apartments together and I’m helping her move here from Colorado. April 1st marks 7 years for her in Las Vegas, and October is 5 years married. We have 13 month old twin boys, a dog, and a house to show for it, and are looking at upgrading the house this year….


  3. We’re all involved in the “long con,” my friend! I met my wife after closing down a bar in Chicago, going to a 5am bar, and a couple friends forcing us into a cab together. It was love at first cab.


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