The Online Event to End All Online Events

attachmentHave you heard of Twitter parties before? If not, for one, you’re missing out, and two, if you want to wet your feet, well, ladies and gentlemen of the parenting and non-parenting community have I got the Twitter party to get you started. But, calling it a Twitter party is underselling what this online event is going to be. Wait a minute, Nick, slow your roll and tell us what you’re talking about. Oh, right, you want details! Have you heard of before? If not, go to them. They’re a couple of awesomely creative and hilarious dads.

They are teaming up with Clorox for the Clorox Ick Awards. To join in on the fun, on Wednesday April 9th from 6pm to 10pm EST/ 3pm to 7pm PST, follow #Ickies on Twitter. What’s going to happen is that you, as the audience will be given an award category or #MessyCategory to inspire messy stories and funny ideas. You’ll tweet them with the category and #Ickies. THEN, an improv video will be made and presented in nearly real time during the Twitter event. Improv you say? Who, who, WHO is going to be doing said improv?? Glad you asked! That would be those professional improvisers from Second City Communications AND former SNL star Rachel Dratch!

There will be prizes, oh yes, there will be prizes. In fact, there will be $2,500 in prizes given away. All you need to do is RSVP like now. RIGHT now because the time is ending soon. To RSVP head to HowToBeADad now. There is a form for RSVPing right there.

The event will be hosted by @HowToBeADad and @MomSpark. So go and follow them!

$100 in prizes will be given away every 10 minutes during the first hour and $2500 in total throughout. Plus, there be a custom-created movie poster art of YOU given away!

So, get going and RSVP! If you don’t RSVP in time, you can still swing by and check out all the fun!!

Disclosure: I was compensated by Life of Dad, LLC for this partnership.

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