Save, Earn, Shop – JBF Oaks and Reading Are Coming

jbf-logoI’ve written about the Just Between Friends sales in the past, and what I wrote then, still holds true now–especially with the sale at the Oaks Expo Center about to get underway tomorrow. The pre-sale is Wednesday, April 23, while the sale is open to the public from April 24-26. These sales offer parents, grandparents, expecting parents, aunts, uncles, anyone who is looking for goods for children, or parents, an opportunity to find gently used goods at discount prices.I know, the term consignment can give off a vibe of old, or used clothing, broken down toys, and things like that. But, that is the furthest thing from the truth when it comes to JBF. Items are inspected before  they go out on the sales floor, and if they don’t meet strict standards, they aren’t sold. Bottom line, you aren’t getting clothes, toys, furniture, equipment, and more in bad shape. You’re saving money on quality, and if you have kids, you know how important that is, because kids are expensive!

Once again, Sarah and I are selling clothes at the sale in Oaks, and most likely more at the Reading sale. We’ve had upwards of 20 totes of clothing sitting in our basement that we needed to pass along to a new home. JBF gives us that chance. We can sell our clothes, make good money doing it, and we get to save money while buying clothes. It’s a perfection combination!

This sale will be a bit different for us this year, since I, along with my Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast co-host Ben, will be broadcasting LIVE from the sale. It’s gonna be a ton of fun. If you’re there, you may even get the chance to talk to one of us about your experiences on the air!

So, come out, have fun, save money, shop, and tell your friends and family about the great deals you’ve found at JBF Philly!


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