A Weekend of Firsts

Our first game together as a family.

Our first game together as a family.

As a dad to two little girls, I love experiencing the firsts in their lives. I’ll never forget the day Sophia took her first steps or the day she said her first words. There is just something about the firsts that are unforgettable and amazing. This past weekend, we had a few firsts for both the girls. And they were both fantastic, in their own right.

Maddie, at nine-months, finally started crawling. Of course, I wasn’t in the room when it happened. I was in the shower. Go figure, right? I walk downstairs to Sarah sitting on the floor with Maddie and she tells me to watch the video she sent me. What was it? Maddie crying, then crawling!¬†Since then, she’s been crawling, rolling, sitting up, and pulling herself up to a stand at all occasions. Downside to her finally being mobile? Can’t leave her in a room by herself for even a second. Otherwise it turns into a game of “uhhh where did Maddie go??”

10314499_10100423215879140_1631908489841625452_nThe other first we had this weekend was taking Sophia and Maddie to their first Phillies game. We had a surprise party for Sarah’s cousin’s husband in a suite at the game. First time in a suite was pretty, well, sweet! We watched Sophia yell down to the field at the Phillie Phanatic, in unison with her partner-in-crime and cousin Nataleigh. By the time the game ended, and the Phillies had lost 6-0 and been no-hit by Josh Beckett and the Dodgers, Sophia’s lips were bright red from about 8,000 water ices. She looked like the Joker.

We took Sophia and Maddie for a stroll around the concourse so they (Sophia, really) could take in the sights and the sounds with the crowd. We even got Sophia’s face painted, which she obviously loved.

10313974_10100423215639620_3017233674424414083_nWe’ve talked for the last couple of years about trying to go to a game and taking Sophia, before we had Maddie, so she could experience a game. The timing didn’t quite work out for one reason or another. And I’ve gotta be honest, I’m glad we waited and got to take both girls to their first game together. It’s a memory they can share forever. And while Maddie won’t remember it, I’m sure, Sophia can always tell her about the time they went to their first Phillies game together.

I know there are going to be more firsts and they’re going to come fast and furiously. And, I can’t wait for them. Soon, Maddie will be walking around the house, shouting and screaming just like Sophia. More birthdays. Then school, graduation, weddings, and babies. Whoa, I need to slow down! Even though I know time isn’t going to slow down.

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