Vacation As A Kid vs. Vacation With Kids

Vacation on the beach with a kid

Vacation on the beach with a kid.

We’re getting set to embark on our first vacation as a family of four. I’m looking forward to it as much as I’m dreading the fact that I’m gonna need like a week vacation from the vacation to recover. When I was a kid, going on vacation was the best thing ever. I mean, we got to pack in the car, drive to some far away land, and run wild for a week or two. Play on the beach, hike in the mountains, swim in the ocean or a lake. It was paradise.

Now? It takes a week to just prepare to go on vacation for a week. Budgeting our money, planning meals, planning outings, and making sure we have enough room to in the car for the over-packing we’re sure to do. Oh, and of course there’s the packing for ourselves and the kids.

So, with that beings said, I present to you: Ways vacation differs as a kid vs. with kids.How I feel at the end of a day on vacation

With Kids:

As a kid:


Packing the car

With kids:


As a kid:


Playing in the pool:

With kids:


As a kid:


Now those aren’t the only examples. There are tons more ways that vacation can be different when you have kids and when you were a kid. These were just some of my immediate favorites. How about you–what differences do you see in your vacations now with your kids compared to when you went on vacation as a kid? Feel free to share some .gifs to illustrate!

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3 thoughts on “Vacation As A Kid vs. Vacation With Kids

    • They’re definitely both stressful and fun. Hopefully more fun-filled than stress-filled. Seeing our kids do the crazy stuff we did is fun, I have to admit.


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