The Nickname Game

A show of hands for those of you who have at least one nickname. Ok, by my count it looks like it’s almost the entire class. Good, good. Me? Throughout my life I’ve had approximately 1,674 nicknames. I can’t think of a time I haven’t told a friend, co-worker, family member, or total stranger a story of how I got one of my many nicknames. The longest running ones: Brownie–a play on my name; Duck–a nickname I earned in seventh grade; and Tittles–my nickname since college, that many, MANY people only knew me by. But, what about our kids? I’m sure if you have older kids, they’ve already earned plenty of nicknames in their lives. Chances are you’ve given them at least four. And, their friends have probably given them even more.

Soapbox and Mad Dog

Soapbox and Mad Dog

We’ve already given Sophia and Maddie their fair share of nicknames at this early stage of their lives. Sophia has been known at different times as the following: Soapbox, Sopha-rope, Boo Boo, Tornado, Sophia the First, and Miss Sophia B. Maddie, at the ripe-old age of 11-months already has earned a fair amount herself: Mad Dog, Maddie Moo, Moo Moo, Mo Mo, Magoo, and someone once called her Fatty Maddie (I’m lookin’ in your direction, Zach-O).Honestly, I love nicknames. I’ve always worn my own as a badge of honor. Whether they come from some sort of embarrassing story, or even if they are an absolutely ridiculous nickname that makes fun of me, I love them all. Hell, I’m currently known as “Todd” in my office after a second guy named Nick started. Yes, even though I was there first, I get relegated to the name change. Makes sense, right? Nope.

Anyway, I want my girls to appreciate the art of giving nicknames, as well as owning the nicknames that are graced upon them. I mean, if you can’t embrace a nickname, what fun is it? Even if someone who you aren’t particularly friendly with decides they want to give you a stupid nickname as a way of making fun of you, own it. Take the power from them. Now, that may not be the case if it’s a truly awful nickname, but the ones that aren’t, just go with the flow. Duck was an embarrassing nickname for me, but I just went with it and now 20 or so years later, it’s still sticking.

I’m the kind of guy that is always looking for opportunities to give someone a stupid nickname. And that goes for my kids, as well. If they do something that I feel is nickname-worthy, guess what? I will nickname the crap out of them.

What about you, my dear readers? Please share with the class what nicknames you have been given and what nicknames you have graced upon your children. I WANT TO KNOW ALL THE NAMES. Facebook me. Tweet me. Comment me.

BONUS VIDEO TIME: While launching her remote control fire truck down the stairs, off a slide, Sophia decided it was time to join the “Bobsledding” team and take to the stairs herself.


12 thoughts on “The Nickname Game

  1. zach says:

    My nick name came from college…”zach-o”…I was named in honor of steve-o from jackass for doing equally as stupid things as he did.

    P.S. not the same zach-o that called maddie fat

    P.S.S. ok I am the same one


  2. I freakin’ love this topic and absolutely agree on the importance of having and bequeathing nicknames. I got a few over the years including The Riddler, The Truth, Eugene and JR. Most recently from University (ok that’s 25 years ago now) I was dubbed Rawhead after having performed an excellent impression of Clive Barker’s first movie monster, Rawhead Rex (yes, please do look him up). In something of a drunken stupor I may have run around in Rawhead-like fashion attempting to decapitate my buddies with my Rawhead-like teeth. The name stuck to the point that most of my good friends kids didn’t know I had any other name….I’ve been Uncle Rawhead to every one of them. The name likewise adorns my license plates, which raises no end of questions from passers-by. But I think the best part of my nickname is that it’s actually been shortened into the nickname Raw by many of the same University chums.

    And now I’ve two children: The Boy and The Devil. If you don’t believe me, check My dedication to honouring the nickname was proven by my colleagues who don’t know if my children have other “real” names. The Devil also affectionately goes by Pookie, but I think she actually prefers the former and came by it naturally being the second child.

    I’m also proud to say I’ve passed on the torch and The Boy has taken it wholeheartedly. You can find him on Twitter @sonofrawhead.

    Thanks for the great post and opportunity to share.

    Jeff Riddall aka Rawhead, The Riddler, The Truth, Eugene, JR, etc. etc.


  3. I got BooBoo (as in Yogi Bear and BooBoo) as a young kid because of my healthy appetite, and of course, my mom still calls me Boo to this day. My kids took on Peanut and Godzilla, for their size at birth and destructive powers respectively. Nicknames like these convey so much familiarity and affection, it’s hard not to love them.


    • Hey BooBoo, can you bring us a pic-i-nic basket next time you comment? I kid. The day nicknames go out of style is the day I don’t wanna be around anymore.


  4. T: My first name is Tara, not very original, I know
    Taradactyl: my uncle thought this was hilarious
    Squeaks: It’s a long (and not very interesting) story
    Miss T: see #1
    Tizzle: I really liked that one, but only one person ever really called me that
    Pheonix, Phe: long story (and pretty interesting)
    Radish, Radz: my alias on BBSs was “Radzyn” and this is what all the geeks called me
    Blue: another take on an online alias (this one for a mommy board, nothing pornish involved)
    Wolf: yet another take on an online name, but this name is actually my son’s, who has many nicknames himself
    TaraUnderweara: because the geniuses in grade school couldn’t think of an actual rhyming word for “Tara”

    Well that was fun. I hadn’t realized I had so many nicknames!


    • Tara those are some great nicknames! personally I like Tizzle, but that would be because it’s close to my nickname of Tittles, and reminds me of my college friends nicknames of Sizzle and Dizzle.


    • Was this a random dude at the gas station calling you Paul Bunyan? Because that’s kind of awesome. BUT, you’ll always be Finkle to me. FINKLE IS EINHORN. EINHORN IS FINKLE! “I’m looking for Ray Finkle… and a clean pair of shorts.”


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