We Got The Moves, We Got The Dance Moves

I’ll be the first to admit it, when it comes to dancing, this guy doesn’t have the moves. Somehow, those gifts bypassed me, but not my siblings. Not cool, mom and dad. NOT COOL. But, what didn’t bypass me was my lack of shame. You see me on a dance floor at a wedding or when I get a couple drinks in me, and I’m gonna be dancing. Most likely terribly. And most likely I’m not gonna be caring. Being averse to shame will do that to you.

"Daddy should NOT be dancing:

“Daddy should NOT be dancing”

You know the saying: “Dance like no one is watching”? Yeah, I’ve taken that to heart. I love the looks of horror when I hit the dance floor. Typically they come from Sarah. One day, I’ll get those looks from Sophia and Maddie. The look on Sophia’s face in that picture over there? Yeah, that is one she’ll be making A LOT when she’s older. For now, though? She just wants me to dance and be silly. And I’m good with that. And I hope it continues forever. I don’t want her to be embarrassed by me ever, but I’m sure it’ll happen. After all, I’m her dad and it’s kind of in my job description.

As you’re going to see in these two videos, Sophia LOVES when we dance silly and I dance like a total idiot. But, she loves it and laughs at me the whole time. So, I’m never gonna stop. Even when she’s embarrassed by it, I’m not gonna stop. **Full Disclosure: I dance like that always**

Watching myself on video brought to mind the episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon when Fallon and Gov. Chris Christie performed The Evolution of Dad Dancing. Honestly, I can only hope to be that awesome as I age.

388826_10150954494295527_1307575245_nI’ve been dancing with Sophia for as long as I can remember and I’ve done the same with Maddie since she was born, too. Especially at weddings. Both girls were each 8-months old at my sisters’ weddings. Sophia at my older sister Emily’s wedding, and Maddie at my younger sister Alyssa’s wedding. And I danced with them both. I loved it and it will continue right up to the day they get married and beyond.

Are you a bad dancer and love to show it off? Share your favorite dancing with your kids memories here, on Facebook, or Twitter, pictures and video proof welcome!

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