Siblings Teach Your Kids the Best Things…

Having siblings is awesome. Growing up with a brother and two sisters, we always managed to have fun, drive each other crazy, drive our parents crazy, and get in plenty of trouble. Now that we’re all grown-up? The hijinx don’t stop–especially when we get together for an extended period of time. Now, I don’t mean we just bust each others balls, crack jokes, pull pranks, or hide mannequin heads in creepy places–although, yes that ALL happens. Every time. What I’m talking about is all the super-cool-awesome-amazing-hilarious things they teach my kids. And by super-cool-awesome-amazing-hilarious, I, of course, mean all the things that I’ll have to un-teach them, or pray they don’t get in trouble for at daycare.

While learning how to whistle a technical foul, and pretty much every other foul or penalty or card in other sports was hilarious–and thoroghly enjoyed by all of us–there were many other things taught to Sophia. Maddie? She’s only one, they have time to get to her.Let me also preface all of this by saying that none of our siblings, on either side of our family, have kids yet. We’re the only ones. So, Sophia currently gets to take all of the life lessons by herself. Lucky us, right?

The first thing I can remember her being taught was how to “goose” someone. You know goosing, right? The walk-by butt-graze? No one likes to get goosed. Is it funny? Yes. Should a toddler be doing it? No. Does she think it’s hilarious when she runs up and gooses one of us? You know she does. Thankfully, we’ve gotten no complaints in the year since she’s learned how to do it.

Over the weekend, my brother walks into the room with Sophia and says, “go ahead, let’s show Daddy what I taught you…” Sophia cocks her head to the side, puts her cheek on her folded hands and says “Can I have that? Pretty, pretty please…. NOW!!!!” with a scream and foot stomp on the now.

That’s not the only thing they taught her, but it’s the one that sticks out the most. As you can see from the tweet below, there will be paybacks when I get nieces or nephews. Because, well, then they won’t be my kids, and it won’t be me having to worry about them getting in trouble for the super-cool-awesome-amazing-hilarious things that I’ll be teaching them.

My sister sent out a group text on Monday saying she hoped Sophia didn’t get in any trouble from all the stuff her super-cool aunts and uncles taught her over the weekend. It’s all in fun, and it gives us all a good laugh. Hell, I teach her plenty of things I probably shouldn’t–nothing bad–but probably stuff she shouldn’t know yet.

Do your siblings teach your kids “super-cool-awesome-amazing-hilarious” things? Share them in the comments, on Twitter, or on my Facebook page!

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