Bruce Springsteen, Santa, and Memories of Christmases Gone By

We’ve been listening to a ton of Christmas music. As you do this time of year. Every morning and every evening, to and from daycare with the girls. Sophia sings along to the ones she knows, while Maddie taps her foot and bobs her head along to the beat.

Rudolph, Frosty, Little Drummer Boy, Last Christmas, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell Rock. You name it, we’ve listened to it, sung along with it, and danced to it. I figured that Sophia has been listening to and singing Christmas songs at daycare, as well. The other night, she started singing Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town–which is one of my all-time favorites. Only while she sang the chorus, she sang “Santa Claus is coming to town” faster than in the classic. I said to Sarah that I thought she was singing the Bruce Springsteen version. We hadn’t heard that one in the car. So I asked her. I quickly pulled the song up on YouTube and played it. I asked her if that was the version she heard at school and was singing. She said it was!

If you haven’t heard this version–which I really don’t how you couldn’t have since it’s been around for practically ever–check out the video below.

Her singing that version struck a chord with me. Not because she was singing one of my favorite Christmas songs, and versions of that song, of all-time. But, because of the memory that it brought to mind. I remember when I was a kid at my aunt and uncle’s house. I’m not sure if it was Christmas Eve or another night when they did a Christmas parade–I’m pretty sure it was Christmas Eve–but I always remember the Springsteen version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town playing as Santa came down the road.

We’d run to the door and look out. And down the road in a sleigh–on wheels–would be Santa. It was the highlight of the night. And it was awesome! In many ways, that song was the soundtrack to some of my favorite Christmas memories. That song was the soundtrack while A Christmas Story was the laugh-track. And, I’ll tell you what else–I had forgotten about them until Sophia started singing and I pulled that song up on YouTube.

Kids will do that. They’ll pull that fading Christmas memory from the back of your brain and into the forefront. One of the many reasons that kids are awesome this time of year. And also, why Christmas can so flippin’ great, as well. Memories, you guys! Memories!

…Ohhhhhhhhhhh you better watch out….

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