For My Wife – The Hall to My Oates

Why yes, that is Sarah and I dressed as Hall and Oates... ROCKED IT.

Why yes, that is Sarah and I dressed as Hall and Oates… ROCKED IT.

A lot of parents like to refer to raising kids as a team sport. And, in a lot of ways, it is. A lot of us need a tag-team partner in this wrestling ring of parenthood. Having the right partner who knows when to tag themselves in, or tag you out for a break, can go a long way in your hunt for that ever-elusive Parenthood Championship Belt.

I have that partner. And I’ve realized that I don’t write here about Sarah enough. We’re equal partners in our daily tag-team matches vs. SoapBox and The Mad Dog, but she sure as hell knows how to win a match and I need you guys to know just how special that is for me.

You see that picture way up there at the top of the post? That’s us in our pre-children days. And yes, that is the two of us on Halloween dressed as Hall and Oates, because OF COURSE we would dress up as Hall and Oates. It takes a special pair to pull that off. That’s not really my point of this whole post, but I just needed to point that out. I mean, if you can dress like that together, you sure as hell can parent together.

5 years ago

Almost 6 years ago.

Sarah is a pretty amazing mom. She’s the crafty one out of the two of us. When it comes to scheduling birthdays, laying out a menu, coming up with ideas for Valentine’s Day cards for the daycare classes, and really just being there for the girls, she rocks at all of it.

She had to deliver both the girls early, due to high blood pressure and signs of Preeclampsia. And she handled that better than I could have ever imagined. I can’t tell you just how much respect and love I have for her, for going through all of that, to bring children into our lives. For us to be parents. If I had to go through that, I’d complain forever, because I like to do that. If I get even the tiniest cut on me, it’s like I was stabbed. So, for her to deliver not one, but two children through C-section–early–and to be there caring for them immediately. That’s special, you guys.

10458558_10100586560634940_586982889135683322_n (1)

Sarah, you are the Hall to my Oates. You are the one who scores the win in many of our tag-team battles with the girls. It is because of you that I can be the dad that I am. Without you, I’d be toiling away trying to be the best dad I could be, without the support that I know that I need.

I don’t think there is any better way to end this post than to quote Hall and Oates and share the song that sums up how I feel about you. I love you, babens.

Well, well you
(Ooh-ho, hoo-ooh, ooh-oo)
You make my dreams come true
(You-hoo, you, you-hoo, hoo, you, hoo)
Well, well, well you
(You-hoo, hoo-hoo-ooh)
Oh, yeah
You make my dreams come true
(You make my dreams)
Come true
(You-hoo, you, you-hoo, hoo, you, hoo)

2 thoughts on “For My Wife – The Hall to My Oates

  1. Zach says:

    This was amazing man. Its truly special to have such a great partnership when raising your children and it will surely show as your kids grow…I love you guys


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