No Toy Left Behind

notoyleftHow’s that saying go? All’s fair in love and toys? No, that’s not how it goes? Well, it should be how it goes. At least for kids. How many times have your kids insisted on leaving the house with toys in tow? A lot? A LOT?? I can’t tell you how many times we’re leaving to go somewhere and Sophia insists on grabbing this toy or that. Many times, it’s when we’re heading out in the morning to go to daycare.

We tell her that she can bring them in the car, but not into school, because we don’t want her to lose them or forget them. Toys are expensive, man! That changes on Fridays, though. Friday is “Sharing Day” at daycare. Meaning, all the kids can bring in a toy or two to share with their friends. It’s cool, it’s sweet, it helps teach them to share–hence the name.

Last week for Sharing Day, Sophia decided she wanted to take her bag of Army men with her. Now, normally we wouldn’t let her take the entire bag with her, but we figured what the heck, they’re small and easily replaceable. I honestly expected only a few to make it home, to be honest. But, to my surprise, they made their way home.

Well, most of them made their way home. You see that lone solider in the photo? He didn’t make it home with the rest of his troop that day. No, he was left to fight for survival–alone–in the jungle that is daycare. ALL WEEKEND. ALONE.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “What’s the big deal? It’s one Army man. AND, it’s a toy. He just sat there all weekend.” HE JUST SAT THERE ALL WEEKEND?! Have you ever seen Toy Story, man?! You and I both know that the toys come to life when we aren’t around. I mean, how else do you explain random LEGO pieces ended up in our paths in the middle of the night? What, do our kids just conveniently misplace them? No sir, they do not! It is a plot by the toys to take out the adults. Everyone knows that!

That little soldier was brave that weekend. He survived an onslaught from the other toys. You see, the toys at daycare aren’t fans of outsiders. It’s their turf, don’t you go intruding. They HATE sharing day. This is a scientific fact. I’ve done research… that I can’t seem to find at the moment…

He’s a survivor. Do you know how I know that? Because come that Monday morning, who was standing tall on his own in Sophia’s cubbie? You bet your ass it was that brave little soldier. He survived and we returned to bring him home. Because, “No Toy Left Behind” isn’t just a mantra, my friends. No, it’s a way of life.

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