We Got The Moves, We Got The Dance Moves

I’ll be the first to admit it, when it comes to dancing, this guy doesn’t have the moves. Somehow, those gifts bypassed me, but not my siblings. Not cool, mom and dad. NOT COOL. But, what didn’t bypass me was my lack of shame. You see me on a dance floor at a wedding or when I get a couple drinks in me, and I’m gonna be dancing. Most likely terribly. And most likely I’m not gonna be caring. Being averse to shame will do that to you.

"Daddy should NOT be dancing:

“Daddy should NOT be dancing”

You know the saying: “Dance like no one is watching”? Yeah, I’ve taken that to heart. I love the looks of horror when I hit the dance floor. Typically they come from Sarah. One day, I’ll get those looks from Sophia and Maddie. The look on Sophia’s face in that picture over there? Yeah, that is one she’ll be making A LOT when she’s older. For now, though? She just wants me to dance and be silly. And I’m good with that. And I hope it continues forever. I don’t want her to be embarrassed by me ever, but I’m sure it’ll happen. After all, I’m her dad and it’s kind of in my job description. Continue reading

Please Don’t Stop the, Please Don’t Stop the Music

Never a dull--or quiet--moment with Sophia around

Never a dull–or quiet–moment with Sophia around.

If quiet is what you’re looking for, then my house is not, I repeat, NOT the place you want to be. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. While I may get an abundance of headaches, they’re generally caused from the non-stop singing from Sophia. And by non-stop, I mean the only time her mouth is shut is when she is passed out asleep, and that’s not even a guarantee that she’ll be quiet. Continue reading