Up, Up and AWAY!

It’s really hard to believe that Sophia just hit 8-months last week. Time has been flying by since she was born. It’s amazing to see her learning new things every day and then applying them, over and over and over. First with rolling over for the first time, beginning to pick things up and play with toys and of course, crawling. I knew once she started crawling that everything would be different. No more leaving her on the floor in the living room while I ran into the kitchen for a drink. Now if I do that, she scoots to the other side of the room or chases me down in the kitchen in about 2.3 seconds.

I was expecting her to crawl for a while before she started trying to stand or walk. Boy was I in for a surprise! After crawling for only a week or two, Sophia dropped a bomb on me while I was home and Sarah was at work. I had laid her down in her pack and play to let her play with her toys while I did some things on the computer. Not even two minutes later, I look up and see her little, tiny head popping up over the railing to her pack and play. There she was, holding on tight to the railing, while struggling to pull herself to her feet. The stand only last a few seconds, but I couldn’t have been more shocked! Continue reading