Dad is Fat – Time to Shed Some Pounds

T25_Challenge_Packs_hi_resSince I got out of college, my weight has been a constant struggle for me. Multiple times a year, I get on a weight-loss tangent. Which is great. What isn’t so great? Sticking with it! Seriously, I have tried every workout program out there, from P90X and P90X2 to Insanity and T25. I make it a month or so through it, am seeing results and then BAM, the train screeches to a halt. Not this time, my friends. right now, daddy is too fat and a change is in order!Back in the fall, after going through three months of physical therapy for herniated discs I was able to get going with Focus T25 from Beach Body. I made it through 3-1/2 weeks and dropped around 10 pounds. My clothes fit better, I felt better, I looked better. Then the holidays hit and my routine went out the window. Then the winter hit, and with it, tons of snow, letting me get my “workout” from shoveling snow. Along with that, came an aggravation of my one herniated discs and working out, along with me, went on the shelf.

Last year I tried dieting and used the Lose It app to track my calories. I lost 15 pounds doing that, but I found it tedious and really hated counting the calories for every single thing I ate.

trail runSo, here we are. I’m heavier than I want to be. Out of shape. And have two small kids, one who NEVER stops moving. I don’t want them to look at me and see a fat dad who can’t get down to their level and play with them for as long as they want. I don’t want to have health issues because of my weight. This week, I started doing T25 again. Started with day one on Monday, made it through day two. Today, I couldn’t physically workout after tweaking one of the discs in my back again. I’m hoping it’s a one day absence because I need to get into the swing of things.

Things should be easier with both myself and Sarah working out and doing the same program. Unfortunately, we don’t have the flexibility to do it at the same time, so we trade off: one does morning, one does night. We’ll see how it goes.

What I want from you, my readers, my friends is I want you to help keep me accountable. Ask me how I’m doing with it. Ask me if I’m still in my routine, those kinds of things. I would appreciate it, greatly.

Do you have weight issues that you struggle with since being a parent? What have you done to fight the fight? Share here, Facebook or Twitter.

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