Oh The Things They’ll Say

The living situation Sophia dreamed up while driving home as told through MS Paint

The living situation Sophia dreamed up while driving home as told through MS Paint.

Everybody knows that kids come up with some of the most insane things to say. The way their minds work is astounding. I mean, I say some ridiculous things, but the stuff that comes out of their mouths is pure gold. Gold, I tell ya!

Well, Sophia had quite the observation while I drove her home from daycare a couple of weeks ago. You can see the AMAZING illustration I made of said observation on the right there. Below is what she said, word-for-word.

Sophia: that’s my house (pointing to a giant house that isn’t ours)!

Me: Oh is it??

Sophia: Yeah. I live there. With Maddie. And Mommy. And Dubsy. Not you.

Me: I don’t live with you??

Sophia: No, you live there (points to a much smaller house down the road) with a dolphin.

Me: I live with a dolphin???!?

Sophia: Yes, you live with the dolphin and swim with him.

Oh the things toddlers come up with… She later decided I’m allowed to live with her.

I’m going to be writing and documenting more of the insane stuff that comes out of Sophia’s mouth, and hopefully I’ll be able to do the same once Maddie starts talking, too.

Let me know the ridonculous things that your kids have said below! Or on Facebook or Twitter!

How I Duped Mommy into Liking Me

Sarah and I on our first Christmas together in 2001.

Sarah and I on our first Christmas together in 2001.

This year is a benchmark year for Sarah and I. We’ll have our fifth wedding anniversary in May. I know, I know, five years isn’t long in the grand scheme of things, especially when you consider that we’ve been together since November of 2001. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. In light of our coming anniversary and with Valentine’s Day just passed, I figured now would be a great time to share–for you, and for Sophia and Maddie–the story of how I basically duped Sarah into liking me.  Continue reading

The Sweet Taste of Victory – #FrozenChefMadness Challenge

Finding food Sophia will eat can be a challenge.

Finding food Sophia will eat can be a challenge.

Anyone that knows me can attest to this: I am competitive. VERY competitive. Am I any good at sports? Big fat no to that one, dear readers. Even so, I hate to lose. My competitiveness also comes into play in a big way when it comes to rooting for sports. I’m a diehard Philadelphia sports fan, and if you aren’t, you’re a fan of someone else, we’ll end up having words. Nothing beats some friendly sports banter! With this time of year, one of the best sports months of the year is about to be upon us. I talk, of course, about the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tourney. Tourney time is awesome. Cinderella stories abound, underdogs become the most rooted for teams, and game-watching parties are planned and attended.

When it comes to settling in on the couch for a long day of watching hoops–or any game for that matter–food plays a HUGE part. Now, as a parent, I have to be mindful of the food that we’re going to make and eat for a game. And, with Sophia being quite the picky eater, we have to be extra careful of what we’re putting together. After all, we don’t want our snacks and game-time apps going to waste. She loves snacks, chips, pretzels, and more, but we want her to try new things, so, we try to come up with interesting things to create and cook, hoping she’ll give them a try. Continue reading