The Nocturnal Misadventures of Zombie Dad

All-too often, this girl winds up in our bed.

All-too often, this girl winds up in our bed.

I figured that once we got to the point in time where Maddie was sleeping through the night, things at night would become–what’s the word I’m looking for?–settled, I guess? Routine. The same from night-to-night. I mean, Sophia sleeps in her own bed, Maddie has her crib, so things should be normal and we all sleep well, right? Yeah, NO.

See, here’s the thing: We are simultaneously dealing with two nighttime issues that are causing us, well me a lot of the times, to lose sleep. I’ve become zombie dad in the middle of the night. I have no idea how I do what I do. I’m literally a Walker when the time arises for me to get out of bed and handle these issues. What are these “issues”, you ask? Continue reading

No, I Don’t Need To Have A Son

These girls make me more than happy every day.

These girls make me more than happy every day.

The question comes often. I’ve learned to expect it. I don’t believe we’ll ever stop being asked it and that’s okay. But, I want to throw this answer out there for all future inquiries. What is the question I’m talking about? Simple.

“Are you going to keep trying until you have a boy???”

I can honestly say that my answer is no. Yes, there was a time that I hoped I’d have a son. Most men will tell you that they would love to have a son. I was one of them for quite some time. Who was I going to pass my useless knowledge of sports on to? Who was I going to teach to throw a football, play baseball, and do all the silly and stupid things I’ve learned and done throughout my life?

I’ll tell you who. Sophia and Maddie. Continue reading

The Moments That Make Me Smile

Life as a dad has its share of ups and downs. The ups far outweigh the downs and honestly, the downs make those smile-making, laugh-inducing moments all that much better. There have been so many moments, especially recently that I could categorize as my favorite moments as a father that it’s hard to pick just one to talk about. I mean, honestly, the majority of my posts are about those moments. If you want to read about them, I’ve got three-and-a-half years worth of posts for you to read!

Lately, though, it’s the little moments that have brought a smile to my face. Watching Sophia learn and excel at gymnastics on a weekly basis. Watching her go from not knowing how to do a front roll to rolling ALL OVER THE HOUSE brings me immense joy. Watching Maddie learn how to crawl and now move at the speed of light around the house is amazing. I fear that, soon enough, the gates will not be able to hold her back.

Continue reading