The Nickname Game

A show of hands for those of you who have at least one nickname. Ok, by my count it looks like it’s almost the entire class. Good, good. Me? Throughout my life I’ve had approximately 1,674 nicknames. I can’t think of a time I haven’t told a friend, co-worker, family member, or total stranger a story of how I got one of my many nicknames. The longest running ones: Brownie–a play on my name; Duck–a nickname I earned in seventh grade; and Tittles–my nickname since college, that many, MANY people only knew me by. But, what about our kids? I’m sure if you have older kids, they’ve already earned plenty of nicknames in their lives. Chances are you’ve given them at least four. And, their friends have probably given them even more.

Soapbox and Mad Dog

Soapbox and Mad Dog

We’ve already given Sophia and Maddie their fair share of nicknames at this early stage of their lives. Sophia has been known at different times as the following: Soapbox, Sopha-rope, Boo Boo, Tornado, Sophia the First, and Miss Sophia B. Maddie, at the ripe-old age of 11-months already has earned a fair amount herself: Mad Dog, Maddie Moo, Moo Moo, Mo Mo, Magoo, and someone once called her Fatty Maddie (I’m lookin’ in your direction, Zach-O). Continue reading

Back to School Season! AKA Nothing Changes Here

For some reason, we’ve been seeing a ton of back-to-school ads, commercials, and sales already. It’s not even August yet. But, with those commercials, it is clearly a sign that the summer will be winding down in a month. The kids will go back to school, buses will again block me from getting to work on time, and everyone will get a year older. It also means, that outside of the buses stopping every 10-feet to pick up kids for school, my life will not change one bit. Nope, not even a little bit.

As June started up and hit mid-month, many people started talking about school letting out, taking their kids to camp, and heading out for vacation. Some complained about having to find stuff to do with their kids. It’s an outside view of what our life will be like in a few years when Sophia starts school. But, again, currently, the end of summer brings no changes to our lives.

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What Do You Mean My Kids Won’t Be The Same?!

No dad, we aren't the same.

No dad, we aren’t the same.

You have one kid, go through all the ups and downs in their time as a baby, into toddler-hood, and beyond. They learn at their own pace, as do you. You become accustom to how you did things with them. How they slept. How they ate. How they reacted to being sick. How they interacted. Their general disposition. And in your mind, you think “when we have a second kid, it will be just like this all over again”. Totally logical line of thinking. Wait, what?! Continue reading

What Time Is It? Tantrum Time

hair pull out“Oh, you think the twos are bad?! Just wait until they hit three! They’re even worse!” Just wait, they said. It’ll be bad, they said. Who are “they”? Try every parent I ever encountered in the last three years. And ya know what? THEY WERE RIGHT. I feel like I’m walking on eggshells, or through a mine field, at all times. It’s a matter of when not if a tantrum is coming. Because OH IT’S COMING and it’s coming STRONG. You see Al Bundy over there on the right? That’s how I look pretty much at all times when at home. With less hair, because, ya know, balding. Continue reading

Vacation As A Kid vs. Vacation With Kids

Vacation on the beach with a kid

Vacation on the beach with a kid.

We’re getting set to embark on our first vacation as a family of four. I’m looking forward to it as much as I’m dreading the fact that I’m gonna need like a week vacation from the vacation to recover. When I was a kid, going on vacation was the best thing ever. I mean, we got to pack in the car, drive to some far away land, and run wild for a week or two. Play on the beach, hike in the mountains, swim in the ocean or a lake. It was paradise.

Now? It takes a week to just prepare to go on vacation for a week. Budgeting our money, planning meals, planning outings, and making sure we have enough room to in the car for the over-packing we’re sure to do. Oh, and of course there’s the packing for ourselves and the kids.

So, with that beings said, I present to you: Ways vacation differs as a kid vs. with kids. Continue reading

Oh You’re Single Without Kids? Tell Me About How Tired You Are

As a parent, I have developed many pet-peeves in the last three-plus years. People cursing around my kids, unsolicited parenting advice, and most recently: people with no kids complaining to me about just how tired they are…

I get it, you lead a busy life, you have an active social life. That’s cool. I used to do the same thing as you. Random nights during the week, I would be out at the bars with friends. Or going out to dinner and staying out late. Staying up until 4 am just because I didn’t feel like going to sleep. I made my own sleep schedule and if I was tired, it was typically my own fault. Now? If I get no sleep, which I never do, it isn’t caused by my body not wanting to sleep, or me staying up for no reason. The reason is because I have kids that like to wake up randomly throughout the night, wake up early every morning, sleep in my bed, and a myriad other reasons.
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