A Weekend of Firsts

Our first game together as a family.

Our first game together as a family.

As a dad to two little girls, I love experiencing the firsts in their lives. I’ll never forget the day Sophia took her first steps or the day she said her first words. There is just something about the firsts that are unforgettable and amazing. This past weekend, we had a few firsts for both the girls. And they were both fantastic, in their own right.

Maddie, at nine-months, finally started crawling. Of course, I wasn’t in the room when it happened. I was in the shower. Go figure, right? I walk downstairs to Sarah sitting on the floor with Maddie and she tells me to watch the video she sent me. What was it? Maddie crying, then crawling!  Continue reading

The Firsts

As a new dad, I knew that I would be seeing my fair share of firsts when it came to Sophia. The obvious ones like first words, first steps and first day of school are still a ways away, or so I think (I’m sure they’ll get here faster than I think, just like the other firsts). I’m not talking just about the first time my daughter does certain things, I’m including my firsts as a parent, as well. All those fun things, like first time changing the nastiest poopy diaper of all time. The first time we had to scrub her clothes down, and of course hose her down, after one of her massive poopsplosians shot up her back and through her onesie. In Sophia’s first three-plus months since being born, Sarah and I have seen so many things that have left us in awe, it absolutely amazes me. Continue reading