My Last Post As a Dad of One…

trail hiking

As one of our last moments as a one daughter-daddy duo, we went trail hiking

Times, they are a changin’. At this time tomorrow, I’ll be holding my sweet baby girl for the first time. It’s hard to imagine having a second child, as I’ve said before. But, that doesn’t make it any less real. I couldn’t be any more excited than I am right now, and I know that Sarah feels the same way (well, as much as she can while on bed rest for her final day).

The final belly shot

The final belly shot

We’ve been doing our best to prepare Sophia to be a big sister. We gave her her own baby doll, let her name it, and have watched as she’s swaddled it with a blanket and rocked it in her arms while singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It’s been amazing to see how she has been with the baby doll. I can only hope that she’ll be the same when she meets her sister tomorrow. Everyone says that there is a special bond between sisters, and I’ve seen it with my own sisters, and Sarah and her sister, so I can only hope that Sophia has that with hers.

I know that we’re going to have to work extra hard to give Sophia her share of time when we bring the baby home. To get a jump on that, I made a point of taking her out for some final daddy-daughter time before the baby comes. We took a nice long walk on the Schuylkill river trail, a trail that she loves. She picked up a walking stick, ran, skipped, and jumped down and back. She even took a break to write with mud on her walking stick. I know I’m going to need to take extra time to do more of those things with her.

Prepare yourselves to be bombarded with baby pictures in this space in the coming days. It’s going to be an exciting, scary time!

One thought on “My Last Post As a Dad of One…

  1. I love that top photo of them! Congrats, Nick! I hope everything went smoothly with the delivery, and that the transition isn’t too difficult for Sophia. Our kiddo (and therefore me!) had a tough first two weeks adjusting to twins. Keep us posted!


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