Review: evenflo Advanced+ Bottle and Triple-Flo Tumbler

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I was sent a couple of products from the fine folks at evenflo Feeding to try out with the girls. I took them for a test-drive, so to speak. The first of the products we tested out was the Advanced+ baby bottle. The other was their new Triple-Flo tumbler. I’ll start with the Advanced+ bottle.

Advanced+ Baby Bottle

I was pretty excited to give this bottle a try with Maddie. It’s different than the other bottles that we typically use with her. The biggest perk for this bottle, for us, was its angled bottle design. This design is supposed to promote a healthy feeding position.Instead of having to hold a bottle straight up and have Maddie bend her head back to drink, the angled position allowed for Maddie to drink from the bottle more easily.

The bottle is said to have a Proflow(TM) integrated venting nipple. Unfortunately, we were only sent a size one nipple, and Maddie had outgrown that size when we were testing. So, while I didn’t get to see exactly how well the venting nipple worked, we were fans of the bottle’s overall design.

I would recommend that folks give this bottle a try if they’re looking for something a bit different than the standard bottles.

Triple-Flo Tumbler

The Triple-Flo tumblers have a pretty neat design to them. They were easy to hold for both Sophia and Maddie. We received two cups, so were able to let both the girls try them out. They are designed with an adjustable valve that is supposed to grow with your child. There are three flow positions, with each releasing more liquid than the previous one. They also have a spill-proof lid, so worrying about spilled milk, water, juice, etc. shouldn’t be a worry.

photo 2We gave these cups a try. We noticed with one of the cups that the valve didn’t stay in place very well, so we were constantly having to open the lid and make sure it was put back into place. We were worried that this could be an issue for the cup, so we tested the second one pretty thoroughly and found that the valve did stay in place. So, it’s possible one didn’t work well.

For the most part, I felt like the Triple-Flo cup performed just as I would expect it to perform. It got the job done and both the girls seemed to enjoy using it.

Overall, I’d say that both of these products from evenflo Feeding did a fairly good job. Were they the best bottle and cup that I have used? No. But, I would definitely consider purchasing them for our own use now and in the future.

You can check out more of evenflo’s products on their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

**Disclaimer: I received compensation from evenflo for this post**

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