Discipline, Kids, and You: My Reaction to the Adrian Peterson Story

APUnless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard, seen, or talked about the Adrian Peterson story. How he used a switch–a tree branch with no leaves–to give his 4-year old son a “whooping”. Why did his toddler son deserve to get beaten, bruised, cut, and scarred with a branch? He pushed one of Peterson’s other children. He was indicted in Texas by a grand jury on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child.

You are also probably aware that the Minnesota Vikings deactivated Peterson from Sunday’s game against the Patriots. And then on Monday, decided it was the right thing to do to activate him again, stating ” they will let the legal process play out before deciding on further action.” Continue reading


The Parenting How-Tos You Never Thought You’d Need – Episode 1: The Great Crib Escape

Note: This post originally appeared on PoppinBottlesDadCast.com

We’ve talked about it for a while and teased you enough. Without further ado, we reveal the debut of The Parenting How-Tos You Never Thought You’d Need. Episode one features Nick getting in–and out–of the crib.

If you’ve ever had a screaming baby that you just couldn’t soothe, this is for you. We at the Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast take you through a step-by-step on sleeping–and escaping from–your child’s crib. The Great Crib Escape, ladies and gentlemen.

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Siblings Teach Your Kids the Best Things…

Having siblings is awesome. Growing up with a brother and two sisters, we always managed to have fun, drive each other crazy, drive our parents crazy, and get in plenty of trouble. Now that we’re all grown-up? The hijinx don’t stop–especially when we get together for an extended period of time. Now, I don’t mean we just bust each others balls, crack jokes, pull pranks, or hide mannequin heads in creepy places–although, yes that ALL happens. Every time. What I’m talking about is all the super-cool-awesome-amazing-hilarious things they teach my kids. And by super-cool-awesome-amazing-hilarious, I, of course, mean all the things that I’ll have to un-teach them, or pray they don’t get in trouble for at daycare.

While learning how to whistle a technical foul, and pretty much every other foul or penalty or card in other sports was hilarious–and thoroghly enjoyed by all of us–there were many other things taught to Sophia. Maddie? She’s only one, they have time to get to her. Continue reading

My Kid Said What?!

my kid said whatI wish I had a video camera recording at all times when Sophia speaks. Seriously, the girl says some of the most out of this world things. I’d also like to have a camera trained on mine and Sarah’s faces when we hear the things she says. Half amusement, half confusion, half concentration. One too many halves? Three halves make a whole, right? No? Oh well. I’ve written and “illustrated” some of the gems Sophia has come up with before, but there are far too many other times that I haven’t written down the stuff she says. Continue reading


We Got The Moves, We Got The Dance Moves

I’ll be the first to admit it, when it comes to dancing, this guy doesn’t have the moves. Somehow, those gifts bypassed me, but not my siblings. Not cool, mom and dad. NOT COOL. But, what didn’t bypass me was my lack of shame. You see me on a dance floor at a wedding or when I get a couple drinks in me, and I’m gonna be dancing. Most likely terribly. And most likely I’m not gonna be caring. Being averse to shame will do that to you.

"Daddy should NOT be dancing:

“Daddy should NOT be dancing”

You know the saying: “Dance like no one is watching”? Yeah, I’ve taken that to heart. I love the looks of horror when I hit the dance floor. Typically they come from Sarah. One day, I’ll get those looks from Sophia and Maddie. The look on Sophia’s face in that picture over there? Yeah, that is one she’ll be making A LOT when she’s older. For now, though? She just wants me to dance and be silly. And I’m good with that. And I hope it continues forever. I don’t want her to be embarrassed by me ever, but I’m sure it’ll happen. After all, I’m her dad and it’s kind of in my job description. Continue reading